Welcome to yourownhometips.com.

We firmly believe that every customer should be fully aware of the product they are about to purchase. The good, bad and even the ugly. Most often consumers are upsold on the selling points, and the negatives are often left out. Later on down the road, the customer finds the negatives first hand and regretting the purchase.

Myself, Jack and my team at yourownhometips.com are fully committed to being transparent with all products we review. This way there will be no surprises that will leave a customer dissatisfied. We believe being upfront and completely transparent is the only way to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Personal Experience

Myself, and many family and friends have suffered the same experience when it comes to shopping for things. We know exactly what it’s like when a salesman is pushing a product’s selling points but neglect to tell us the negatives. This lead to many unpleasant surprises when we discovered the points the salesman has failed to leave out.

Our Commitment

Here at yourownhometips.com we are fully committed to showing both sides of the picture of a product to customers. We know exactly what it’s like to feel dissatisfied with a product and the salesman. We only review things that we have a personally used to ensure accurate and non-bias reviews that many often use in order to make a sale. We will never recommend a product that we did not fully stand behind.

Please feel free to comment below in out articles and share your experiences with us and the community. We love to hear all your stories.