Best Electric Can Opener Review 2017

You might be thinking why would I NEED to have the best electric can opener when I have a perfectly good manual can opener. The reason is simple because you don’t have an electric can opener. All jokes aside, the electric can opener has a lot more benefits than what meets the eye. It does more than open canned goods; it makes canned goods accessible for everyone.

Benefits of an Electric Can Openerbest electric can opener

  • Safety – Electric can openers are designed to cut along the side and not the top of cans
    resulting in a nice smooth cut rather than jagged edges like some can openers.
  • Easier to use – All it takes is the press of a button to open canned goods. With traditional openers, it may be a struggle for those who simply don’t have the grip strength to turn the opener. Seniors and children will have a much easier time enjoying their favorite Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.
  • Mess free – Manual openers feel like I’m fighting the can to open it. By the time I’m done, half of my precious chicken noodle soup is covering the countertop. That is not the case with an electric opener; it is smooth and mess-free.
  • It’s always there – Remember the times you went looking for your can opener when you were starving, only to find it wasn’t there? With an electric can opener, it is placed at a location and left there. You won’t be throwing everything out of the drawers to have lunch.

Best Electric Can Opener Review

This is the best electric can opener that I’ve used to this date. It has worked so well that I’ve never had to replace it. I would highly recommend the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener ReviewHamilton Beach best electric can opener

The Hamilton Beach opens cans with just a simple push of a button. Making it easy and efficient for anyone using it, whether you are a child, adult or senior. It is designed to cut along the side instead of the top like many manual openers, resulting in a nice smooth and mess-free cuts.

The Hamilton Beach is great for those who can never find their can openers. You can leave this bad boy out on the counter and the contemporary design will look magnificent as a decoration.

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I firmly believe having the best electric can opener on the market will greatly improve your everyday life. It makes it much safer and easier to for everyone, especially children, and seniors to enjoy canned goods. The Hamilton Beach is also very stylish while being very affordable at the same time.

Thank you for following along with my best electric can opener review. We would love to hear your struggles with can openers.



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