Best Office Chair Under 200 Review – Buyer’s Guide

We often spend a good majority of our day sitting on a chair in front of the computer. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can lead to muscle strains and even back problems. Investing in a good office chair is a wise decision. Especially for those who use their computer daily. It is important to be comfortable and well supported when using your computer for work or pleasure. It can be much more productive when you are comfortable at your workstation. We made it easy to find the best office chair under 200 to help you choose the best office chair.

Best Office Chair Under 200 Reviews

Buying a good office chair doesn’t have to be expensive either. For under $200, you can get pick between many top quality office chairs. We will go in detail the pros and cons of each chair. To help you get a good understanding of each product before you decide to buy. At we strongly believe that the customer should have a complete understanding of the product before they purchase.

Below is a table of the top 3 best office chairs under 200.

Product NameCommentsTypePrice 
AmazonBasic High-Back Best OverallLeather$$ View Now
AmazonBasic Mid-Back Most Ergonomic Mesh$ View Now
Modway Articulate Mesh Best LookingMesh$$ View Now

1. AmazonBasic High-Back Executive Chair Review     highback best ergonomic computer chair

Our top pick for our Best Office Chair Under 200 Reviews is the AmazonBasic High-Back Executive. With a name like that, how could it not make first place? Whether you are checking your emails, writing out reports or just lounging, the AmazonBasic has you covered.

At first glance, this office chair will instantly grab your attention. Bonded black leather and PVC upholstery create the elegant look you would expect only from expensive office chairs. With padded seat cushion, and a contoured support back cushion, and gently curved armrests this office chair was built with your comfort in mind.

A butterfly seat plate, adjustable settings, and curved contours provide support back support to keep the body properly aligned. This is especially important when you are working for long periods of time on your office chair or have a bad back. This office chair is highly adjustable. Ability to raise from 41.34″ to 45.08″, a handle to control the tilt of the chair and even a tension knob to control the rocking of the office chair.

 The downside to this product is the head rest height. Reviewers have commented that the head rest was shorter than they expected. For someone that is around 5″8, the head rest may be slightly below the head. 


Note:  The product dimensions are 30.7″ x 27.6″ x 45.1″ and 35.3 pounds. 


Very comfortable
Great value
Elegant design
Headrest height


This is an awesome chair with lumbar support for those with bad backs. It is extremely comfortable and has an elegant design that will fit any setting while being affordable. This is my number 1 recommended office chair on our Best Office Chairs Under 200 Reviews.

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2. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair Review                  (Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 200)AmazonBasic best office chair under 200

Next on our best office chair reviews is the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair. This mesh office chair is a great alternative to those who prefer a more breathable chair. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back is an ergonomic office chair with contoured mesh back designed for breath-ability. The AmazonBasics is the best ergonomic office chair for under 200.

The Amazon Basics Mid-Back has padded seats with a lower back support that is gently curved to provide extra comfort and help align the body for the perfect posture. Black mesh covers the padded seats as well as the back of the chair to provide superior breath-ability compared to leather.

Simple pneumatic controls allow you to raise or lower your office chair and rock back and fourth or remain seated upright. These features personalize every office chair to help you get the most comfort possible.

 The downside to this product is the head rest height. Reviewers have commented that the head rest was shorter than they expected. For someone that is around 5″8, the head rest may be slightly below the head. 


Note:  The product dimensions are 25.2″ x 24″ x 40.4″ weighing 23.1 pounds. 


Breathable Mesh
Extremely comfortable
Very well priced
Short armrests


This is a great alternative for those who prefer mesh over leather. It is extraordinarily comfortable and well priced. I highly recommend this chair for those who are looking for a great office chair that is on a budget.

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3. LexMod Articulate Mesh Office Chair ReviewArticulate office chair

Next on our best office chairs under 200 review is the LexMod Articulate. This is the most stylish office chair on our list. Unlike most office chairs that come only in black, the LexMod offers 9 different unique colors to choose from. Each color is unique and vibrant, providing a beautiful contrast to every setting.

The LexMod has sponge seats covered with mesh fabric to provide ultimate comfort while being extremely breathable. A passive lumbar support to keep proper alignment with the help of pneumatic height settings.

Note:  Dimensions are 27″ x 24″ x 37″ weighing 33 pounds. 


9 different colors
Breathable mesh
– Comfortable mesh
Mesh deteriorates over time


This would be my top recommendation if the style were an important deciding factor when choosing an office chair. With 9 different colors, it will be fit into any setting. Keep in mind; this chair is more suited for light use rather than heavy daily use. This is because the mesh covering the back can deteriorate over time with heavy use.

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Choosing the best office chair under 200 is solely up to personal preference. I would recommend the AmazonBasics High-Back as my number one overall pick for the best office chair under 200. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back would be the best choice when it comes to best ergonomic office chair under 200. Last but not least, for best visual appeal, I would go with the LexMod. With 9 different color choices, it is the most eye catching office chair under 200.

Office Chair Ergonomic

Sitting for prolonged periods can be hazardous to your health. It is best to move around every 30 mins to prevent sitting for long periods of time. But there are also other things you can do to improve your office chair ergonomic.

  • Check your posture – Sit as close to the table with your arms parallel at 90 degrees with your hands resting on the table
  • Support your back – Back support is the main focus when it comes to ergonomic office chairs. Having a proper lumbar support office chair can prevent slouching and bad posture.
  • Adjust your armrest – Armrests can help reduce neck and shoulder strain. Having your armrests properly adjusted will allow support for the elbows, taking the strain off your shoulders.



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