Best Outdoor Fire Pit Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

No camping or fun outdoor is complete without a fire pit. Too bad fire bans restrict the use of fire pits. And the though chopping wood and constantly having to feed the fire does become a chore. The best solution to this problem is to use a portable propane fire pit. Portable gas and propane fire pits can be turned on with just a touch of a button. They are also safe to use during fire bans. Just sit back and enjoy the warmth.

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Reviews 2017

When it comes to fire pits, you can choose between fire or propane as your fuel source. We will split the review up into best portable propane fire pit and best portable gas fire pit. This way you can pick the best gas or propane fire pit much easier with two lists.

The best outdoor fire pit is the fire pit that you would enjoy the most. When it comes to best reviews, we give our advice on each product, and you do the personal picking. What is best for some might not be for others. You can check out our best outdoor fire pit buying guide below for more information.

Best Portable Propane Fire Pit Review

Below will be a table to give you an overview of the best portable propane fire pits you will see in this review guide. We will go in detail why we believe each product is superior and what the flaws are. We think that everyone should know why the product is excellent and also why it lacks in certain categories. Transparency and honesty are the most important values we strive for when it comes to product reviews.

Product NameSize BTUPrice 
1. Outland Premium 19" Diameter
58,000$$$ View Now
2. Heininger 5995 19" Diameter
58,000$$ View Now
3. Camp Chef Redwood 19" Diameter
53,000$$ View Now
4. Outland Mega 24" Diameter
58,000$$$ View Now
5. Camco 58041 14.5" Diameter
65,000$ View Now


1. Outland Fire Bowl Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit
(#1 Editors Choice) outlandfirebowlpremium portable propane fire pit

Outland Living is a household name when it comes to outdoor products. Their products are known for being high quality and innovative. This portable propane fire pit is just that.

The Outland Fire Bowl is perfect for any outdoor recreation. This portable propane fire pit will set the atmosphere for all outdoor activities without the labor intensive activities that come with a traditional fire pit. Lightweight and portable, allowing easy set up anywhere outdoors without the use of tools.

No camping trip is complete without a fire. This premium portable propane fire pit is CSA approved, allowing it to be used in most banned campfires. Using non-CSA or UL approved portable propane fire pit is against the law and considered unsafe.

With a refashioned base and ergonomically designed valve assembly. The Outland Fire Bowl features stainless steel of the burners, fasteners, and a beautiful belt for an improved contemporary design.

 An auto-ignition feature is included to ensure a fast and reliable way of starting this portable propane fire pit. And a progressive chrome knob with rubber comfort grip allows for simple lighting and adjustments of flame height. 

Each Outland Fire Bowl kit includes:

  1. Cover/carry kit
  2. Pre-attached 10ft hose with regulator
  3. Propane tank stabilizer ring
  4. Decorative rock set

Note:  The product dimensions are 18.5″ x 18.5″ x 12″, 19″ diameter and weighing around 24.5 pounds. 58,000 BTU/HR.This portable propane fire pit uses a standard 20lb (5gallon) propane tank (not included). 

– Portable & lightweight
Contemporary look
High heat production
Auto-ignition feature


The Outland Firebowl is our number 1 recommended portable propane fire pit. The high-quality material and craftsmanship used, guarantees longevity with this product. It is light weight and highly portable making it perfect for every outdoor moment. It is also much more than just looks, and it produces high amounts of heat.

View Now

2. Heininger 5995 Review portable propane fire pit

The Heininger 5995 takes the number 2 spot in our best portable propane reviews.
The Henninger 5995 is actually an Outland Fire Bowl that is distributed by Heininger. So you can expect the great quality that comes with Outland.

There is something oddly satisfying with sitting around the fire, feeling the warmth and watching it burn. The Heininger can be used to set the perfect mood for camping, backyards, patios or tailgating. It is lightweight and portable, making easy to bring to each and every adventure.

This outdoor fire pit is CSA approved, meaning it is approved for use in during most campfire bans. Even though it is approved for use during most campfire bans, it is still a good idea to double check the rules of the fire ban for your safety.

Note:  The product dimensions are 19.25″ x 19.25″ x 11.5″, 19″ in diameter, weighing 22 pounds. 58,000 BTU/HR. Each kit includes 1foot hose with attached regulator and decorative rocks. This portable propane fire pit uses a standard 20lb (5gallon) propane tank (not included). 


Great price
Great value
No built-in ignition


This comes in second place right after the Outland Fire Bowl. The reason this portable propane fire pit is second is that it lacks a built-in ignition like the Outland Fire Bow. The built-in ignition is a great feature when it comes to making your life easier. Overall, this is also more cost efficient than the Outland Fire Bowl.

 I would recommend this product to those who are fine with not having a built-in ignition in exchange for a lower price tag. 

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3. Camp Chef Redwood Port Reviewred chef propane fire pit

When it come’s to outdoor cooking, Camp Chef has you covered. No outdoor moment is
complete without roasting marsh mellows. Four adjustable roasting sticks included retailing at $19.99, will guarantee the perfect campfire experience.

The Camp Chef Redwood is highly portable, weighing only 20 pounds and 19″ in diameter. A zipper carry bag is included to make it extremely portable.

This portable propane fire pit features an easy matchless ignition with a high output of 53,000 BTU/HR. Each unit is propane powered with safety shut off valve with safety in mind.

Note:  The product dimensions are 19″ x 12″ x 21″, 19″ in diameter, weighing around 20 pounds. 53,000 BTU/HR.  Each kit comes with zipper carry bag, 4 adjustable roasting sticks, bulk tank fitting, hose, and decorative rocks. This portable propane fire pit uses a standard 20lb (5gallon) propane tank (not included). 


Medium in price
Zipper Carry Bag
Free adjustable roasting sticks
Lower in BTU/HR



The Camp Chef comes in third place in this propane fit pit review is because of two things. It is rated at 53,00 BTU/HR making it slightly less powerful than the top 2 (58,000 BTU/HR). While the Camp Chef, Heininger, and Outland are all around the same size, the Heininger and Outland can produce stronger flames. The Camp Chef would be a great option for those who are fine with 53,000 BTU/HR.

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4. Outland Firebowl Mega Propane Fire Pit Reviewmega portable propane fire pit

This Outland Firebowl Mega is like the bigger older brother to the standard Outland Firebowl.
It is 24″ in diameter making it 75% larger than the standard Outland Firebowls. With the same features, only difference the larger size.

Every Outland Firebowl features stainless steel burners and fasteners and chrome knob with rubber comfort grip. Constructed with high-quality material with excellent craftsmanship coated with high-temperature powder coating and protective enamel finishing, ensuring the Firebowl to be long lasting and durable.

Note:  The product dimensions are 24″ x 24″ x 13″, 24″ diameter, weighing around 34 pounds. 58,000 BTU/HR. Each kit contains a durable weather resistant cover, pre-attached 10ft hose with regulator, propane tank stabilizer ring, and decorative rock set.  This portable propane fire pit uses a standard 20lb (5gallon) propane tank (not included). 


 The downside to this product is the head rest height. Reviewers have commented that the head rest was shorter than they expected. For someone that is around 5″8, the head rest may be slightly below the head. 


Large 24″ diameter
Contemporary look
High heat production
Auto-ignition feature
Heavy – 34LBS


The Outland Mega a great product for those who love the standard Outland Firebowl but wanted more out of it. This Firebowl has the same features with a larger diameter. The Outland Mega is perfect for those who will be in big groups.

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5. Camco 58041(Best Under $100)camco portable propane fire pit

Last but not least on our top propane fire pit list is the Camco 58041. The Camco is our m
ost budget-friendly propane fire pit review. Being 16.3″ x 8″ x 16.3″, 14.5″diameter and weighing 21 pounds, it is our smallest fire pit.

Although it may be small, the Camco has a maximum rating of 65,000 BTU/HR. Making it the highest rated BTU on our list.  The Camco is also CSA approved and approved to for use in most campfire bans.

Each kit contains 8ft hose, adjustable regulator, lava rocks, and storage bag. This portable propane fire pit uses a standard 20lb (5gallon) propane tank (not included).

Budget friendly
Compact in size
High temperature
Comes with storage bag
Small 14.5″ diameter


The Camco is a great buy for being under $80. It is well suited for those who would like a smaller fire pit while still having a strong temperature output. The small compact size paired with the storage bag makes it convenient to take it to every adventure.

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Portable Propane Fire Pit Buying Guide

Just like spending money on anything, it is important to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Three things to think about when buying the best propane fire pit:

  1. Size – How many people do you intend to use this for? Make sure to get one that is big enough for a number of people using it.
  2. Output – Choose a fire pit that will produce the amount of heat you would like. All the portable propane fire pits that are listed in this review provide relatively intense flames.
  3. Price – Evaluate your budget to see how much you plan on spending for your fire pit. The Camco is the most budget friendly option on the list while the Outland Fire Bowl is on the more expensive side. I would highly recommend spending a little extra to get the Outland Fire Bowl. It is much higher quality and better overall.

My Personal Choice

 The Outland Fire Bowl is my ultimate pick in this review. Overall I think it is made with quality in mind. It also has an auto-igniter, a great feature that some models will lack. The Fire Bowl also features a contemporary design. The design is important because you stand or sit around the fire looking at the pit. It is also light and easy to pack around, perfect for every outdoor moment. The best part is, if you decide that it’s not big enough, the Outland Fire Bowl Mega is always an option. Same features but larger diameter. 

Benefits of Propane

Propane comes in tanks that can be attached to grills or fire pits. This makes it very portable while natural gas is a fixed line. To use natural gas, it must be attached to a natural gas line in your home.

Propane is also more efficient than natural gas. Providing about 2,500 BTUs with the same volume of natural gas providing around 1,000 BTUs.

Propane fire pits don’t create smoke like traditional fires either. So that eliminates the most annoying part about wood fire pits; having to move whenever the wind changes direction.

Disadvantages of Propane

Propane can cost up to 6 times more than natural gas. On top of that, the tanks must be taken to a location and filled. Whereas natural gas runs continuously through lines to the home.

How to Care for a Fire Pit

  • Clean it Regularly – To make sure the fire pit will have a long lasting life, regular cleaning is necessary. Thoroughly clean the fire pit after cooking or barbecuing on the fire pit. It is especially important to clean the fire pit when you notice sticky food spills or residue.
  • Avoid Plastic – Avoid burning plastic in your fire pit. Plastic will melt become difficult to remove. Burning plastic can also emit toxic fumes in the air. It is best to stay away from burning plastic.
  • Storage – When you are not using your fire pit, it is a good idea to clean it and put it away until you plan on using it at a later date. Avoid leaving the fire pit outside in the open without a cover. If you choose to leave it outside, it is a good idea to put a cover on it to protect it from the weather.
  • Don’t Pour Water – Ths sudden change in temperature can cause damage to your fire pit. Also, propane fire pits can simply be turned off.
  • Be Safe – Don’t leave a fire pit unattended. This will put you and others at risk. Be aware of the distance between you and the fire pit. Last but not least, don’t touch the fire pit after just been turned off. Give it some time to cool off.


I hope you have an idea of which portable propane fire pit you will buy. The reviews provided is only a guideline to help you choose the best product for you. The final decision is your choice of the product that best fit your needs. Please leave a comment below about your experiences. Thank you for reading.




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