Best Toilet Plunger for Every Household

There are so many things you have to learn on your own when you must out. Most of the advice people will give you will be around paying your bills. I learned the hard way that when you need a toilet plunger, it’s probably too late. It is worth it to spend a little more and get the best toilet plunger with a holder. Trust me.

Best Toilet Plunger & Toilet Plunger Holders Reviewbest toilet plunger

The price between the best toilet plunger and a cheap one is around the price of fast food. Cheap plungers often look hideous and unsanitary. They don’t come with a toilet plunger holder, so they are left on the floor. Think of all the nasty bacteria that is spreading on the ground. It’s a pretty disgusting thought.

The best toilet plunger should not be an eye sore when placed in the bathroom. It should come with a well-designed toilet plunger holder as well as a toilet brush holder. Having a toilet plunger and a toilet brush 2-1 set will make blend right in with the bathroom and even add an elegant touch.

The Best Toilet Plunger Combination Set

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the toilet plunger combination set. Having a toilet plunger like the cake while the toilet brush is like the icing on the cake. Okay, maybe comparing toilet plungers to cakes is not the best example. But you get the point, it is just a great bonus and they complement well with each other.

This in my eyes is the best toilet plunger combination set. I’ve recommended it to all my family and friends. A combination set with a toilet plunger holder to keep things sanitary, while looking extremely stylish.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger and Brush Oxo Best toilet plunger2

This the best toilet plunger and brush combination set. I love it so much that I have two of them in my house.

It has an easy storage space with doors that pop open and stay open when the brush or plunger is removed. Once the toilet plunger or brush is replaced, it automatically closes, blending the toilet accessories with the bathroom once again.

Another reason why I think this is the best toilet plunger is the design. Many cheap plungers are completely round and don’t work well with low flow toilets. The OXO Good Grips has a flat end to sit flush against walls for perfect suction especially important for low flow toilets.

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When my friend’s move out for the first time, my advice to them is to always get a plunger before they need one. I always get a thank you months down the road for my great tip. I hope my best toilet plunger review has given you an idea on how important plungers are. Please share with us your hilarious stories regarding plungers.





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