5 Best Handheld Shower Head Review 2017 – Complete Guide

Handheld shower heads offer more flexibility compared to other types of shower heads. The shower head can remain in the holder like a wall mounted shower head or detached for a more concentrated spray.  When detached, the hose can reach hard to get areas like the feet, when other show heads can’t. The handheld shower head is a great option when there are seniors, children or animals in the house. Others can provide them with assistance when using the hand held shower head for an enjoyable showering experience.

There are many different brands and models of handheld shower heads on the market. Lots of them will be priced similarly and have similar features. But they are far from the same. We have a list below of the top 5 best handheld shower head reviews below to help you choose the best handheld shower head with the least amount of effort.

Shower HeadSizePriceWarranty 
Vida Algeria 5" Diameter$$Limited View Now
ShowerMaxx 4.5" Diameter$$Lifetime View Now
Kes LP150 Rectangle$$Limited View Now
Niagara Conservation 3" Diameter$Limited View Now
Delta 75700WH 4.5" Diameter$$15yr View Now

Vida Alegria Review (Top Pick)

Our top pick on best handheld Shower Head Review is the Vida Alegria comvida-algeria handheld showerheades with a flexible stainless steel hose that stretches from 5 to 7 feet with no tangles. It comes with 5 spray modes that can easily be adjusted with only one hand. The 5+ spray modes include drenching rain, gentle rinse, full rotating massage, two mixed modes and a water saving mode (perfect for RVs).

Another great feature about this product is the ability to remove the flow restrictor with ease for a higher water pressure. Some homes have weak pressure and by eliminating that flow restrictor, you’ll have a much better showering experience.

Many reviewers were impressed with the quality of material that the shower head was made out of. And the strong water pressure that came with it.

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ShowerMaxx Review (Runner Up)

Showermaxx best handheld showerhead reviewsThe ShowerMaxx is made with ABS material with elegant chrome finish with a large 4.5″ diameter faceplate. With 6 total spray settings, there will surely be a setting for every mood. From rainfall, power massage to a combination of both rainfall and power massage.

A limited lifetime warranty also backs this product and comes with a free Teflon/plumber’s tape ($5 value)

Reviewers were impressed with the ease of installation, and how the kit came with everything needed for installation. Rubber washers, Teflon tape and the pipe adaptor that acts as the mount to hang shower on.

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Kes LP150 Review (Best Looking)

Kes LP150 best Handheld showerhead reviewsThe Kes LP150 is a beautiful and elegant compared to the traditional shower heads. It is made entirely out of stainless steel to provide longevity. It provides fantastic shower pressure that many reviewers rave about. It also comes with an extra long showering hose of 2meters or 79″.


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Niagara Conservation Review (Best Under $15)

Niagara conservative best handheld showerhead reviewsThe Niagara Conservation is a great buy for under $15. It also uses 20% less water compared to the standard handheld shower head. It comes in a 72″ tangle free hose and has an impressive 9 settings. This handheld shower head is also self-cleaning and maintenance-free. If you are looking for a great product that won’t break the bank, this is it.


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Delta 75700WH Review

Delta-75700WH best Handheld shower head reviewsLast on our best handheld shower head reviews is the Delta. The Delta 75700WH is a contemporary 7-spray/massage handheld shower. It comes with an anti-clog feature to remove mineral deposit build up to ensure the best shower every time. This product is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Advantages Of Handheld Shower Heads

  • Installation – it is relatively simple to install a handheld shower. Most often it involves just unscrewing the old shower head and replacing it with the new one.
  • Reach – Having a nice long hose that is detachable from the holder provides lots of freedom and flexibility. It is a must when seniors, children or pets are in the house. Plus it is ideal for hard to reach areas like the feet.
  • Cleaning – Think of this as part 2 of reach, it makes cleaning the bathtub or showering area much easier. The long hose allows for intense pressure and concentration areas where other shower head systems don’t allow.

Bottom Line

Out of all the types of shower heads, the handheld one will provide most settings and flexibility. You can’t go wrong with one of the top 5 handheld shower heads on our list. Check out our Best Shower Review Guide for more information regarding shower heads.

If you found our information useful, please comment below. We would love to hear your experiences. Thank you for reading our Best Handheld Shower Head Review Guide.



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